Document Scanning Benefits

The benefits of converting your records to digital format are practically endless, regardless of the industry you are in. Electronic documents enable your company to easily access any past documents or film with the click of a button instead of having to spend time and money searching through a plethora of information.

 Improve Customer Service and Productivity:

  • Immediate retrieval. Digital documents can be found quickly and easily with a simple keyword search. The days of spending hours manually searching through paper documents will be a thing of the past.
  • Organization. Your digital files can be organized and indexed however it makes sense for your purposes. Whether it’s account number, client name, date, etc., documents can be accessed in a matter of seconds by searching in specific index fields.
  • Distribution. Scanned documents can be easily distributed among staff members or clients instantaneously. Photocopying and sending paper documents is much more time consuming and costly.

More Efficient Use of Office Space:

  • A single DVD can hold enough information to replace nearly 30 filing cabinets! Imagine how much new space you’ll have once those large cabinets are no longer needed.
  • Re-appropriate new space for more productive business functions.
  • Reduce clutter and become more organized.
  • Potentially move to a smaller office and reduce rent costs. 

Secure Document Storage & Integration:

  • Eliminate the risk of losing important information in the event that paper documents are damaged or lost due to fire, flood or theft.
  • Digital documents can be securely stored and backed up in an online electronic document management system.
  • Important documents can easily be accessed and shared from multiple locations, even from home. 
  • Scanned documents last forever and don’t deteriorate in time as do paper documents.
  • Digital images and index data can be formatted for integration with your current EDMS or Electronic Document Management System.
  • Peace of mind knowing your important data is secure, protected & compliant


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